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Our Process

Rob Hetrick, Owner of HPI, will personally sit down with you using a portfolio of over two decades of our work in Virginia and walk you through the process of your interior or exterior project.

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Highest standards in home improvment since 1981.
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Our process

What are the four "buzz" terms in painting and what do they really mean?

  • Hand Brush
  • Proper Caulking
  • Priming
  • Power Wash

These are common terms contractors use, but that doesn't mean that all contractors follow the process it takes to complete these properly the first time. If any one of these procedures is not carried out correctly, it can greatly affect the long-term outcome of the job. This is why HPI is committed to the highest standards when it comes to follow-through. We believe: "Do it right the first time". 

Hand Brush Paint Application

Our crew pays close attention to application of the paint product they apply. We hand brush our work, unless otherwise requested, and do our coating system to the paint manufactures’ specification, including gauging thickness to guarantee you are getting a quality job. By doing the process correctly we can ensure you have the longest lasting job, one that you can enjoy for years to come. 


Each and every bead of caulk is applied with care to seal all cracks and make sure there are no further problems. HPI does not “spot caulk” only where cracks appear as many contractors do. This can cause cracks to show up later due to failing sections. Instead we completely seal off all areas to keep the surfaces of the house on the same rotation. 

The Painting/Priming Process

We prime bare wood with alkyd absorbing primers that penetrate and cure into the wood, unlike latex water based primers that cure on top of the surface. By doing this we avoid the possibility of the paint peeling at a later time. 

Power Washing

If a power wash is rushed or the proper process is done incorrectly, mildew can be left behind and get trapped underneath the paint. This may cause peeling in the future. When we wash a house we do it at eye level as often as possible, using ladders for higher areas. We use a TSP/bleach combination to kill any and all mildew present on the surface area. The chemicals are left on just long enough to fully clean the surface before they are removed to ensure that the job is done right.


Interior Clean-Up:

Rooms and furniture are draped and prepared prior to painting to ensure a neat and professional job. After paint job is complete, area is cleaned of all HPI products. Furniture and personal items are moved back to original positions. Floors and carpets are swept and vacuumed thoroughly.

Exterior Clean-Up:

HPI products are staked and stored neatly during process of the job. Once finished all items and debris are removed from property.

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